Thursday, August 10, 2006

It Could Be 1994 All Over Again

A new Fox News Poll spells bad news for incumbents. Similar to 1994, the electorate is brimming with the "throw the bums out" fever, and as Joe Lieberman found out, it's not just the Republican bums.

There is definitely a growing opportunity for Democrats to seize at least one branch of Congress, with the best bet looking like the House of Representatives. Republicans are going to use the election in Connecticut to make the Democrats look weak on defense, but will they really be able to make Ned Lamont the face of the party on a national level?

Today's terror threat, and the threats that came before, have always been an opportunity for President Bush and Republicans in general to look strong on defense, but more and more, Americans are wondering if our investment in troops and money in Iraq is a liability in the effort to truly defeat this type of terrorism.


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