Friday, August 11, 2006

Bush And Republicans Sinking Further

Two new polls are out today and both spell more trouble for Republican candidates this November. The AP-Ipsos Poll shows President Bush's approval rating dropping to 33 percent which matches the lowest rating that they have ever had for him. Also, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll shows a pessimistic public where two thirds believe that their children's future won't be better than their own.

Everything seems to be falling apart at the wrong time time for Republicans. If Bush has any coattails left, unless something dramatic happens before election day, he is going to be a significant drag in close Congressional races. The worst news for Bush and the Republicans seems to be that "Women" as a group...Democrat, Independent, and most startling of all, Republican women...seem to be turning away from them. NASCAR men aren't going to be enough to hold the fort if NASCAR women don't stand with them.

Bush's ratings also seem to have taken a hit in the South which has always been a region he could count on. Iraq, gas prices, the Middle East, Iran, North Korea, Terror...they all seem to be hurting instead of helping Bush and the Republicans this time around. Whether or not the Democrats can take advantage politically remains to be seen.


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